Bolivia Milenaria works exclusively with receptive tourism and uses creativity and innovation to satisfy all of our clients’ expectations.

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We started out in 1998 in a little office in La Paz’s most popular tourist area and, even though we’d worked in tourism before, we were facing a new challenge – building up a company based on our authentic unique and exclusive programmes. After a short time we realised that we were in the wrong place as most of the backpackers and more traditional travellers would come to us looking for the more run-of-the-mill products that we were not offering.

We changed our office but kept our product and slowly went about consolidating our philosophy and developing our speciality. We went through different phases supporting tourism development and management in Bolivia - not only as a company but also as consultants and advisors to different international cooperation agencies and the government; nevertheless, at the end of each of these projects we became more convinced that our company was the only way forward for sustainable and exclusive tourism.

We were pioneers in developing community-based tourism in Bolivia by supporting, contributing to and promoting initiatives in different regions with the end aim of improving the conditions of indigenous and farming communities. We owned a 4-star hotel in the Madidi National Park. We have given technical advice to design different tourism products and programmes for Bolivia to receive external funding for tourism development programmes. Now, after years of experience and lessons learnt we are specialists in tailor-made programmes and experiential travel throughout Bolivia.

We encourage others to improve how tourism is managed in the different regions of Bolivia, by starting up community-based businesses, and doing training, development and awareness-raising activities to build synergies among the communities where we work. 

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Our product reflects all of the characteristics we base Bolivia Milenaria on; it is the essence of what we perceive the concept of service to be and how experiences should be created. We know that each passenger is unique and deserves to be treated as such, and so we insist on understanding the profile of every travel company that purchases our services so that we can weave their clients’ tastes, wishes and inspirations into our tailor-made programmes.

Bolivia is our inspiration and all of our programmes are a showcase for her majesty. We are a company dedicated solely to receptive tourism and our strength lies in the fact that we do not massify our services.
With so many years of experience we are specialists in developing bespoke itineraries for people travelling alone or groups; because we are a wholesaler, we rarely work with direct customers. Our clients are drawn from some of the world’s most exclusive companies and share our vision.

We specialise in personalised attention to each and every one of our clients and pay special attention to fine-tuning every detail. We very rarely subcontract services to guarantee quality wherever our passenger travels in Bolivia. We pride ourselves on being creative and extremely efficient when presenting our clients with alternatives that will make them feel unique in this yet to be discovered territory, Bolivia.

We are proud of Bolivia, her rich cultures and diverse nature; however, dedicating our future to tourism here was never easy – few roads or airports, poor standards of hospitality and food services conspired against us and tourism in Bolivia, but today we are proud to show you our authentic Bolivia. 


Bolivia Milenaria works exclusively with receptive tourism and uses creativity and innovation to satisfy all of our clients’ expectations and beyond. We offer unique travelling experiences for clients who wish to discover Bolivia on their own or in a small group. Our programmes promote social inclusion, equal rights, local benefits and environmental sustainability.” Our efficient team is always ready to provide quality, personalised attention to each and every one of our valuable clients.


“We will be the most sought-after tourism operator in Bolivia, an expert in private tours, luxury programmes and tailor-made trips. Personalised, quality and detailed service set us apart from the rest and become our very raison d’être.”

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Quality and inspiration

Our staff dedicates hours to fine-tuning our programmes; we invest our expertise, time and creativity to offer our clients a unique experience that will satisfy the expectations of the most discerning traveller. We are passionate about upping the quality of tourism services and are always looking for a chance to improve the image of these services here in Bolivia.

Integrity and honesty

Since we started up 18 years ago, Bolivia Milenaria has become a highly respected company known for its professionalism and ethics managing receptive tourism in Bolivia. Today, fully established in the market, we maintain the same philosophy that we started out with: honesty, dignity and ethics. We are a trustworthy, loyal and transparent company.

Responsability, commitment and accountability

All members of the Bolivia Milenaria team are responsible for their actions, whether working directly with our clients or with our equipment; our team lives by our values and each member knows how valuable their work is to ensure that each trip goes smoothly. We believe in teamwork and equal opportunities for everyone. Our responsibility to our clients entails providing a 5-star service from our first contact while designing a programme for them to the moment they leave our country making sure that everything we have promised is fully delivered. We thrive on our clients’ feedback and enjoy the challenge of continually improving our services and controlling the quality of everything we do.

Excellence and efficiency

We are proud to be 100% Bolivian, constantly striving to develop our country. We know the lay of the land and so we are in a unique position to offer our clients the comfort and safety they deserve. We know that we are the best choice when it comes to tailor-made trips with a personalised service, and carefully selected providers.

Employment and opportunities

Bolivia Milenaria invests in Bolivia to give opportunities to Bolivians to improve their economy and standard of living.

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Since we started up on 9 April 1998 we have known that sustainability in all its different aspects needs to be mainstreamed throughout everything we do; environmental conservation, good use of natural resources, community involvement, equal involvement regardless of gender or age, respect for cultures, lifestyles and sexual orientation.

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Bolivia Milenaria is made up of two words: Bolivia is the name of the country that we call home, inspires us and gives us life. Milenaria is the essence of culture and the virgin nature that surrounds us. By delving into both the culture and nature in our country we can show clients tour authentic Bolivian identity

Our company group trade name is Bolivia Milenaria, which enables us to target different market segments with unique authentic experiences for each one.

Our service philosophy is rooted in details, quality and customer focus; we respect our partners and clients alike as witnessed through our confidentiality policies.

Our group is geared to providing personalised, quality services. Each client is unique and so each experience we provide is exceptional.

Our prices go hand in hand with the services we provide. No expense is spared to give our clients the most luxurious programme we can offer. Quality takes priority and we base our services on meeting the demands and needs of our clients.
We do not offer package tours; each trip is unique. We do not use public transport; each step of our trips is carefully planned to ensure total satisfaction for our clients.

Bolivia Milenaria works directly throughout Bolivia without going through third parties or hiring local operators; this ensures that our clients receive top-of-the-line services.

Bolivia Milenaria adheres to all of Bolivia’s laws on the environment and her people; our aim is to minimise our impact on the different regions we visit and ensure full respect for everyone we meet on our travels
Bolivia Milenaria encourages local involvement in our programmes and promotes respect for our indigenous communities; we would never stage activities or dress people up for visitors.

Bolivia Milenaria handpicks providers of nature-friendly products and services that promote conservation and the proper use of natural resources.

Bolivia Milenaria is against any form of child or animal exploitation; our programmes do not involve children and when we do use horses, llamas or donkeys, they are well cared for and never overworked.

Bolivia Milenaria promotes solidarity among the members of the team, our hosts, clients and passengers.
Bolivia Milenaria has its own and hires vehicles that run on petrol, are no older than 5 years and are environmentally friendly.
Bolivia Milenaria bases its actions on the principles of ethics, honesty, responsibility and accountability.

Bolivia Milenaria does not promote and is not linked in any way to any criminal, terrorist, religious or political activities.
Bolivia Milenaria supports sustainable development in the communities, towns and cities where we work encouraging businesses that boost the local economy.

Bolivia Milenaria will have its Sustainability Policy ready by the end of 2017 to become a key part of everything we do.   

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Janette studied Psychology and has a post-grad in Cultural Anthropology. She has been working in tourism since a young age and has been able to merge her passion for studying with tourism development, community-based tourism and business management. She set up Bolivia Milenaria in 1998 and is an expert in destination marketing and developing tourism packages. She is constantly on the lookout for new circuits and attractions to add to Bolivia Milenaria’s portfolio.


Javier studied Tourism and Law and has been a tour guide for many years now. Prior to setting up Bolivia Milenaria with Janette he ran a PR business; he is an expert in operations and is responsible for monitoring all of our clients during their stay in Bolivia.

Anita Belmonth

Anita is Javier’s right hand and is Head of Operations. She was born Swiss but decided to become Bolivian. She is an expert in business and international relations, and studies market trends and our clients’ profiles to ensure a good match when putting a program together.

Mariela Mendoza

Mariela is an expert in finances and quality management, and is responsible for Quality and special clients. She is our quality guru and ensures adherence to our quality policies and practices. She oversees our special events and luxury programmes.


Elena Laura, our Bookings Manager, studied Tourism and works directly with hotels guides and drivers ensuring that everything runs smoothly when our clients are on the road.

Gary Arce is just about to graduate with a degree in Tourism. He is currently in charge of monitoring all of our passengers and groups on arrival 

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We are based in Bolivia and have in-depth knowledge of what interests drive demand, and the capacity to map out incredible trips for our clients.

We are flexible and adapt easily to our clients’ needs.

We are experts in creating unique travel experiences and promoting authentic programmes using our wealth of experience and knowledge of Bolivia to link people to places rarely visited.

We are specialists in receptive tourism.

We do not outsource or hire third parties to provide services promised by us. Your passengers stay with us from the beginning to the end of their programme here in Bolivia.

We have an expert team of guides that have been trained to live up to the expectations of our clients. Our staff is highly qualified and assessed at regular intervals.

Our vehicles comply with international safety standards; the size, characteristics, type and model are selected according to the type of terrain, programme and client.

The hotels we work with are checked periodically and are not used because of preferential rates or number of nights booked for. We look for the most authentic hotels with high standards and character to welcome our clients.

We provide a personalised service and 24/7 attention to all of our clients. We focus on each client’s experience from beginning to end to gauge their satisfaction with our services and learn from their feedback in a constant effort to improve.

We carefully select the best places around Bolivia where our clients can eat in style.

We, rather untraditionally, see each client as unique and deserving of programmes, infrastructure and services that meet each one’s needs and expectations.

Our 24/7 attention service is managed by Bolivia Milenaria’s managers and directors.  

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Bolivia is a developing country and as such faces certain challenges; we have drafted strategies to deal with security issues or possible crises that may arise while our clients are on the ground. It is crucial that our partners understand what actions will be taken should an incident occur.

Control, responsibility and decision-making

Our Head of Operations at Bolivia Milenaria is responsible for taking the responsibility for implementing the action plan in any crisis, modification or cancellation arising from external problems, social unrest or natural events. If the passengers travelling with Bolivia Milenaria have a travel coordinator, all decisions will be run by him/her so that they can be directly in touch with the passengers.


Should there be a roadblock that impedes circulation, our team will look for alternative routes; however, if no alternative route to our destination can be found, then other alternative means of transport will be looked to for a solution.

Cancellation or modification of reservations

Should any of the following services be cancelled and/or changed: reservations for air, land, river or lake travel, food and/or lodging made by Bolivia Milenaria, we will take full responsibility for rectifying the problem as soon as possible, if the transport providers should fail to do so. The Bolivia Milenaria crisis manager will determine the best way of maintaining the itinerary as similar as possible to the original reservations. If the client has made the reservations, Bolivia Milenaria will provide all support possible to bring the programme back on track, by adapting and making the programmes and services more flexible to the difficult circumstances.


In order to provide our clients with the best food possible, we ask that we are told about any dietary restrictions prior to the trip. Bolivia Milenaria supervises and guarantees the preparation of all foods provided by us and related companies. Should one of our clients be allergic to or poisoned by any of the foods provided by us, our crisis team will immediately contact specialised medical staff.

Climate and man-made disasters and incidents

In the event of a natural disaster or man-made crisis, such as a coup d’étât, revolution or accident, the Bolivia Milenaria crisis team will do everything in its power to safeguard our passengers and draft a contingency plan taking into account the immediate situation and, if necessary, evacuating passengers from the conflict zone. Our priority is always to protect, take care of and ensure the safety of our clients.

Pre-existing medical conditions, allergies, altitude sickness and accidents

Should anyone suffer from altitude sickness, if a pre-existing medical condition worsens or someone has an accident, the Bolivia Milenaria crisis team will immediately transfer the person safely to a health facility to receive medical attention.

Human resources

In the event that the contact member of staff – guides and drivers – do not fulfil the expected standards of personal hygiene, manners or respect towards clients and locals, or are perceived to be suffering from a contagious disease, the Bolivia Milenaria crisis team will immediately find a solution.

Unique Travel Adventures

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