Welcome to Bolivia Milenaria
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Who are we?

We are professional experts who, after having gained ample experience in tourism, decided in 1996 to develop a new initiative. The result is our company, whose chief value lies in the development of private programmes especially designed so that the visitor shares, interacts, learns and lives a unique experience with the communities of Bolivia.

Authenticity, naturalness and respect for cultures and the environment is a fundamental part of our company philosophy, which is based on the principles of commitment, safety, professionalism and quality of service.

We are walkers, lovers of nature and researchers; we are passionate about Bolivia’s ethnic traditions and the simple and invaluable character of all our country’s cultures.


Our Philosophy

Each trip is a “new experience” that must allow one to grow, find out, love, touch, enjoy and above all “live a unique experience”. Our programmes and the staff we work with have the capacity to bring out emotions, promote feelings and project desires. All our programmes are private, and each trip is designed and thought out in the interest of travellers and their expectations. By breaking down barriers, creating consciousness, understanding, accepting, getting to know, valuing, we aim to build upon the basis of our commitment to the world. 


Our Values

Social Responsibility
We support local communities development. Social responsibility, for us, is a reality and not just a selling-point

Passion and Creativity
We are passionate about what we do and live each day intensely. As entrepreneurs we are creative dreamers.

Respect for Others
We are respectful of differences and we are sure that, with our work, we can build a better life for the inhabitants of our Bolivia and Latin America.